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Monday, January 19, 2015

1/6th of London

Ladies and Gentlemen this is 1/6th of my London Board project pictured above consisting of 2 "building boards" in this case the church & churchyard and 2 "street boards". I'll need 12 "building boards" and 12 "street boards" to make up a 4'x4' table. I've never tired constructing such an elaborate board before especially one with so many built up areas. On top of that I decided to do this literally within weeks of buying my first Victorian figures. Over the course of about two years now I've bought, traded and yes begged enough materials to do this project. All I need now is to eek out regular hobby time again and we'll be off!

As some of you may have noticed I haven't had much time this holiday season to blog or keep up with everyone's very fine blogs. I should be getting back to that on a weekly basis again starting this week.

The project has also suffered an irritating materials set back as the Lemax brick matting I've been using won't stay glued with PVA it looked like it would but the corners came up weeks later and you can just pull it right off the hard board. I've successfully used CA and contact cement, the stuff you used for kitchen tiles, but I need a glue that isn't instant so I can make sure the brick pattern registers right. Once its on it does look great and I have more than enough for the whole project.
Church Base
Church Yard with sidewalk
I varied the brick direction for the sidewalks like I've seen in period pictures of the streets of Whitechaple.

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