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Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Curious Award and a Cumbrous Response

I have had the curious honor of being awarded the Liebster Award by Simon Quinton of brummies wargaming blog. The Liebster Award seems to be both an honor and a bit of a curse as its very much like a old school chain letter. After much laborious thought I've come to the conclusion that I can go so far as to answer Simon's curious questions. They are as follows:

1) What is your worst habit?
Following social conventions, I have manners and I'm polite but...

2)  What is your favorite food?
Pasta, you can make a different meal with it every night.

3) Name a book you have read more than once and why? 
The Silmarillion the why is self explanatory.
4)  What is your best wargaming moment?
This happened in a game of LOHS I had bought the Foundry Treasure Island set which came with a lovely figure of "young Jim Hawkins" sculpted by the Perry Bros. I decided to use him as a midshipman in my Royal Naval crew. Lunatic R. conceived an irrational hatred of this figure dubbed "Young Jim" he took every opportunity to due poor "Young Jim" an injury but every effort in that regard failed. During "Young Jim's" 5th adventure I moved him past a stone tower packed with cutthroats I though I had the cutthroats pinned down by several marines who had been firing on them. But as soon as they saw Young Jim they burst out of the tower to attack him. No less than 4 vile cutthroats ran up towards Jim, formed a ragged skirmish line and fired their pistols at him. Surprisingly Jim survived this without a wound so he ran for cover on a rocky hill with the cutthroats in hot pursuit. The marines who thought they had the cutthroats pinned ran to Young Jim's rescue a mighty melee ensued where Young Jim armed with a single pistol dispatched a Cutthroat. He then survived 3 furious rounds of hand to hand with the cutthroats, the marines supported him with their bayonets. Young Jim survived and managed to drive of the Pirates.

5) What is your worst wargaming moment?
First time I played Infinity I had a 10 model unit and I wanted to move to cover in the middle of the table but I had to cross an open are to get there.  The enemy had only one model who could cover that open space so I figured if I charged 5 models in a rush he would get them all. Wrong! He gave all his orders to that one model and wiped out have my force in the first turn!

6) Who is your book/movie/game character and why?
This is rather difficult but I would have to say Solomon Kane. The elemental fury of Conan wrapped in a English Puritanical shell that's what I like.

7) If you were trapped on an desert island if you could have one companion who would it be?
This seems to be something people actually think about or at least ask in long lists of questions. I'll never actually given this any thought even in passing.

8) What is your all time favorite movie?

9)  If there was any activity you've always wanted to do but never got around to doing what would it be? 
At one point Iaido.

10)  Where is your favorite holiday destination?

11)  What is your favorite color?
Black, and yes 11 is one too many questions.

Do not fear gentle Bloggers I have no intention of creating 11 questions and then inflicting them upon 11 bloggers. What is with the number 11 anyway? It has no symbolic significance that I know of.

Nice questions Simon.

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