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Saturday, May 23, 2015

A New Hope and a New Project

I was a boy when the original STAR WARS appeared in theaters across America like many people it changed my life. My family trooped to see it 6 times during its original run. (I know if I keep dating myself like this I won't convince people I'm in my 20s the way some of my readers can.) Then in the late 80s some friends of mine at West End Games produced the STAR WARS RPG which I got involved in as a playtester. Then West End Games produced the STAR WARS MINIATURES GAME and the idea of STAR WARS wargaming just clicked! Then THE PHANTOM MENACE came out killing my desire for STAR WARS gaming. But yesterday while I was home sick all day surfing the net I saw a battle for Hoth wargame using the old West End rules played at a recent convention. And my love of STAR WARS gaming has been rekindled! Now I lost my West End miniatures in a move a long time ago so it will take me some time to build a STAR WARS collection once funds permit. So stay tuned readers!

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