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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Brief Update

Image from the Empire of the Dead Requiem Compendium

This is a brief update as I'm currently as sick as a dog and I survived a brutal winter only to fall sick just before summer. Its not surprising really since the weather has suddenly changed from 80F to 52F in a matter of days. So naturally I've done nothing on the hobby front at all. I have however thrown in the towel and opened a FaceBook page as several of you have notice. I've even been roped into a couple of FB groups by Simon! FB has seemed a little daunting at first I've got 49? FB friends in a week, most from the blogging community. Recently I've learned that all I need do to be a good FB citizen is post pictures of cats. Fortunately I have cats and can take pictures of them so my FB citizenship is assured. So including my blogs, my new FB page and my forum posts I'm very well represented on the net. I am kidterminal on The Lead Adventure Forum and also kidterminal on One Ring.

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