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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First Impressions EOTD Requiem

This is a beautifully illustrated supplement, jammed packed with sketches and color paintings by Andy Cooper.
What you get;

Factions & character profiles for numerous Gothic/Victorian books, Sherlock Holmes, Captain Nemo, Dracula, Van Helsing.

Criminal Factions

Alternate Gentleman's Clubs

Special Branch Police Faction

As well as two novel special rule driven factions (The Bedlam Brotherhood & The Clickers)

The Vehicle Rules
Profiles for ALL the special characters currently available in EOTD 

For the KS Backers
This edition has stats for all the figures released in the KS which is a nice bonus. All of these KS special edition figures have interesting back stories which suggest they are earmarked for EOTD stories/books some time in the future.

The Cons;
There are many typos in this document which suggests that the original KS sections haven't been updated since the original KS release. So all the issues KS backers pointed to since last year remain unaddressed.

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