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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Street Clock

 I foolishly ventured out on the day American's call "Black Friday" the Friday after Thanksgiving, given over to special Christmas sales and mall brawls. Why did I do such a dangerous thing you ask well as to that all I can say is that I've become mesmerized by Richard's (of WAR in 15mm fame) 28mm Victorian City. I learned that he had used some Christmas Decorative Village pieces in his wondrous set up so I braved the Manhattan streets in search of usable Christmas decor on the cheap. I returned home tired but otherwise unharmed baring this clock. More of my Black Friday Booty will appear in future posts.
The clock is a solid piece cast in Tuffstone a plaster concatenation mixed with a polymer used in cheap Chinese tourist statuettes. Its light and shatterproof and you can cut it with a hobby saw. It looks to be a useable scale next to the zombies and I got it for $2.
A note on Reaper Miniatures, Reaper makes a number of nicely sculpted figures in their Chronoscope line suitable for Victorian or Pulp gaming (like my nunslinger above) but be warned that Reaper doesn't believe in scale. A figure's size is whatever that particular sculptor feels like, most are "heroic 28mm" (more like 30mm) larger than West Wind or Foundry, a few are true 28mm and some like the Colonial British Soldiers and Zulus are a monstrous 32-34mm tall. They make space marines look sickly. So for all you non-Americans who can't view there figures in person I suggest you ask a friend just how large a particular figure is before you mail order it.
See the nunslinger is a big woman, but she is by no means the biggest Reaper figure.

 I realize that my recent posts have been a bit random my hobby time has been totally helter skelter since the accident. I can however state unequivocally from now one there will be a regular post on Sunday nights. Hopefully one every Wednesday night as well, but Wednesday nights isn't firm yet.

I haven't touched a brush in over a week but Tophat and Mr. Speckles with appear here finished after Christmas.

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