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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sofie's Sculpt Table Saturday?

Working on the Beast.
Tiger oversees the work.
Sculpting not painting was my hobby activity this Saturday in fact I didn't get the paints out at all. I was goaded into trying to complete "the Beast" a second hand favor for a friend. The "Beast" is a Hordes miniature form Privateer Press called the swamp monster.
This is a random image of the miniature painted I took from the internet.
Its a large figure on a 40mm base note the tentacles form a leg-like base for the miniature and they are in 2 pieces a right and left side. Well my friend didn't want his swamp monster to be run of the mill. He saw some enterprising modeler modify his like so.
This is what he wanted it to look like.
Now I've nicknamed this hefty miniature "the Beast" because this multi-part figure fits together about as well as your average Games Workshop monstrosity. A lot of filing and filling with milliput is required to simply fit it together the way it was intended and to that the need to saw in to little pieces the tentacle legs and you can see why I've named it the Beast.
My efforts with the tentacles blue-tacked on.
The body is finished and the tentacles have been assembled from the bits and sculpted into shape. I had to make the tentacles from cut up bits as you can see in the photos below.
In the end I've found this to be time consuming and I have to re-sculpt over them anyway so if I where ever to do something like this again I'll sculpt the tentacles a new.

Most of my Saturday was taken up helping a friend complete his art school assignment by posing for him. The upshot of this is that i may have a new profile photo what do you think?

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