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Sunday, June 8, 2014

I've Been Awarded The Liebster Again!

I have kindly received the Liebster Award for a second time by Mr. Edward King of I had previously received the award from Simon of Brummie's Wargaming Blog see here.

This time around I'll go the whole hog as I've come to realize that its aim to introduce new or lesser known blogs is a good one. Like Mr, King  I'm going to treat the "rules" as more informal suggestions and pick and choose. I thank everyone for thinking of me and my little blog. I'm sorry to say I've fallen behind as I've found myself working weekends again.

First Mr. King's Questions:

1) How would you describe your blog?
Originally I considered it Victorian Horror but now that I've moved into pirates I guess its more high adventure in waistcoats.

2) Why did you start blogging?
To try and keep myself focused on large gaming projects.

3) How do you relax?
For mindless relaxing I enjoy TV murder mysterys.

4) What is your favorite holiday destination?
I don't really have one.

5) Who inspires/has inspired you the most? 
In blogging? Michael from 28mm Victorian Warfare I started following this wonderful blog and I thought look how he posts wonderfully painted miniatures each week it should be easy.

6) Why is a raven like a writing desk?
No idea.

7) 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars'?
You see this question asked on the internet all the time. When thinking about this question I only consider the original TV series and movies those are the things that has impacted the popular culture not the franchise drek that has come after.  I would have to say 'Star Wars' as I can remember queuing up on round the block lines to see the original movie as a kid. I saw it a total of six times during its first run.

8) What was the last book you read and the last you bought?
The last book I have read was 'Under the Black Flag' by David Cordingly.

9) Who is your favorite fictional character?
Captain Nemo

10) Which historical  event would you like to visit?
There are too many to really pick out one.

I nominate these 6 blogs for the award: Ste is always a good read. The home of paint table Saturdays.  Kasper's wonderful chronicle of his Gothic horror gaming. Its choc full for AARs.  Another great Gothic horror gaming blog. Lots of great IHMN AARs. Many great &TV AARs and his terrain is to die for.

Now as we all know this award has been making its rounds again and has hit nearly every blog I regularly follow so rather than harass these fellows I'm simply going to list a few blog you should read if you aren't all ready. 

Now here are my 10 Questions:

1) Do you consider yourself a gamer or a hobbyist?
2) What has blogging do for your personally in terms of your hobby?
3) Do you think the blogging community has expanded the hobby and if yes how?
4) What was the first miniatures game you ever played?
5) If you play games do you consider yourself a competitive gamer or a social gamer?
6) What do you think about wargame tournaments?
7) Do you belong to a wargaming club? And how important do you feel wargaming clubs are to the hobby?
8) How important is nice looking wargaming terrain to you?
9) If a major miniatures company started selling their figures pre-painted like the hero/horror clix figures what would that do to the hobby?
10) Do you have a long term hobby goal if so what is it?

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