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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Alive alive O

I had wanted to use this video last week but couldn't find it on youtube until after I posted. Noah Danby's Buzzie Burke is Copper's physical embodiment of official corruption as Joseph Mawle's Det. Insp. Jedediah Shine is for Ripper Street. Tammany used ruthless gang leaders like Buzzie to control the poor neighborhoods through violence and intimidation. The fact that they also controlled the police made this practice danger free, as the police where forbidden to arrest Tammany gangsters.

Ripper Street has many parallels with Copper both Ripper Street's Det. Insp. Edmund Reid and Copper's Insp. Kevin Corcoran are both obsessed with the violent death of their daughters and are estranged from their wives. Both detectives are driven to see that criminals are brought to justice. The cities in which the respective shows are set are both in mortal fear of a recurring horror in the case of London Jack the Ripper for New York the race riots. All these similarities and more had originally lead me to believe that the BBC was hiding Copper form the British public because Ripper Street has taken so much from copper but upon reflection it maybe because Copper is also a chronicle of the struggle of the Irish to gain political standing in America. A show about Irish taking over maybe deemed too scary fro the British public.

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