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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Victorian Zombie Sources

More West Wind zombies.
Now that I've decided on my project I took a moment to look up "Victorian zombies" on Google not much comes up other than this DC graphic novel and this ridiculously cheesy hoax. That's what happens when you have a population of idiots who never read a book in their lives. Make a Google image search of "Victorian Zombies" and you'll get images of the fine West Wind zombie box set, various cos-players and Clint. Not actually an image of a zombie Clint* an image of the Foundry Undead Cowboys he painted.

I will give you my readers two Victorian Zombie sources I've actually found useful. The first is a thread on Lead Adventurers Forum Zombie Hunting with Style by Papa Midnight and the second is this interesting article from the Utah Children's Writers. In addition to these sources I feel when one is considering the Zombie Apocalypse one must consult the one and only definitive source Dawn of the Dead by George A Romero.

I feel that the only way to get that post Apocalypse feel for Victorian London it to have smashed carriages, overturned costamonger carts and corpses littering the streets.  The new Roadkill limited addition release by Johnny Borg Castings formally of Mega Miniatures has solved my dead horses dilemma the decomposed horse looks like its served as a feast for zombies. Besides nothing says the fall of the British Empire like a dead bulldog. The goat, sheep and mermaid corpses will become Pirate gaming objective markers. Flat rate $10 world wide shipping will be a steal for non Americans.

*This blog can't definitively claim that Clint is or is not a zombie so for legal purposes this blog urges anyone encountering Clint on the street should proceed with caution.