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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Member and a Return to the Past

 Let me give a  warm welcome and a gratuitous period photograph to our newest member Will Mays.

I've added a few new blogs to my reading list; Ray's Don't Throw a 1, The Dark Templar, Cianty's Tabletop Wargames Blog, Der Feldmarschall and Mr. Sheets' Brass & Blood great name that one. In an effort to prevent a blog roll implosion I'm deleting blogs that become inactive for more than three months so if you want to remain on it post at least once a month. Even with this careful blog roll gardening I suspect I'll have trouble keeping up with every post on every blog but I'll try my best.
 Astute readers may notice a new section to the blog called "Games" below "Who I Read" in this section I list the game systems I'll be focusing on in this blog over the coming months.
And yes I'm laying aside the summer fling of Pirates (Pirates are always a summer fling for me, I have a seasonal aspect to my gaming) away until next summer to try an get ahead on this years Halloween project. More on that next post.

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