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Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 A Review

Requiem is the very first kickstarter I've ever participated in. I found this to be enjoyable and I love the models I got from my pledge though I've found the new rules to be rather rushed.

I'm normally a huge reader so I'm not going list any where near the total number of books that I've read during the course of the year, but I will list a few I found to be outstanding.
This book is easy to read and crammed full of knowledge. I've never before been a keen follower of the great African explorers, that's always been my father, but this book has made me one.
I'm ashamed to say I've never read this before.
The short stories like the Suicide Club are even more interesting than the title story.
This is the first book of his I've ever read its a fantastic Sherlock Holmes style murder mystery, now I'll have to find the rest of his work in English I hope my French is beastly.
This is an Osprey Publication from their new Legends line. Ken Hite has blended fact and occultist fantasy into a wonderful read. The Osprey full color plates of hexansoldat are fantastic! I loved this book so much it's sparked a new special project "Fiends in Jackboots". You can buy it from Amazon here.

This the 2Hour Wargames WW2 game system and the Weird WW2 supplement. I own ATZ their popular zombie game rules favored by Vampifan its a great rules system.


Sadly this gritty and unpredictable show was cancelled by BBC America after the 2nd season. It's a crime against intelligent TV.

This wonderful show was cancelled by the BBC but after a petition its been picked up by another company. I expect to see some great new episodes in 2014.

This NBC show has nothing to do with Bram Stoker's novel and is woefully historically inaccurate when it comes to historical costume or period conventions. It does have some interesting ideas and I have some vain hopes for it's improvement.

I've tried to follow this show but I'm sorry to say this show is just plan bad. I hope it will improve in 2014.

I've been watching this show since it's beginning but its poor character development coupled with the serious zombie budget cut backs have soured the show for me. I'll wait to see the rest of season 4 on Netflix.

Well that's a quick peak at what I've enjoyed in 2013.

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