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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Paint Table Saturday

I've joined Sofie's Paint Table Saturday and movement that's sweeping the blogger community. Sofie of sofies-paint-blog has inspired the blogging community with one simple idea, every Saturday post your painting table. Off and on I've posted things I'm working on in my Work Bench series of posts.
 Now I don't have a permeate painting station I have to set it up each time I want to paint the picture below might give you a hint as to why. My poor artists daylight's on/off switch is no longer working thanks to being knocked from the table once too many times, but it soldiers on. I've recently cleaned off the kitchen table once my regular painting spot before it became a repository for random junk. Well its cleaned off enough to get some work done. So I unpacked the paints & brushes and dug up some LOTR miniatures to paint then to my surprise I gained a helper. 
Tiger! the curious kitty, she is the most curious cat I've ever had. For more on Tiger's miniature antics see here.

I will however post a painting table/work bench picture every Saturday from now on. Maybe I'll even get some painting in like yesterday.

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