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Friday, January 24, 2014

Experiencing Technical Difficulties Please Stand By

Google's new One account All of Google concept has forced its way into every product Google now owns including Blogger. This has caused numerous problems for many users, myself included, that Blogger help has not helped. Google's idea is to use their product Chrome.
This chart of my viewers shows that people are moving to Chrome out of exasperation most likely. Fortunately I've overcome the obstacles Google has placed in a poor bloggers path. is the culprit behind everyone's picture posting and writing issues. Google is now casing static data, things they don't expect to change like the write new post window on this site so your browser will need to enable this 3rd party cookie in order to post on Blogger. Fun wasn't that!?

Normal posting should commence shortly.

On another not I've taken a page from some of the blogs I follow and I'll be starting a new blog to cover a new period. Well if LOTR was a period it will be covered in the new blog called Slumming in Goblintown. More on that in a future post.