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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Forest Pieces Progress

Here are the 3 forest terrain pieces I started this week, the hill bit is missing its trees they are not glued on yet. I covered over the foam and cork with sculptamold a craft material used in children's art classes. I remember using it in art class when I was a kid which might be the reason why I bought a bag of this stuff years ago. I was looking for a tub of plastic wood to coat the pieces and found this bag instead.
Many bloggers are dealing with their lead pile in this new year I have one of those but I have a different issue I have all sorts of materials for terrain making literally boxes of the stuff I haven't used. So I'm trying to turn this stockpile of art supplies and just plain junk into terrain. Everything used in the above pieces, the cork, railroad trees, blue foam and the sculptamold have been collecting dust in my flat for at least 4 years!
Oh I mixed more sculptamold then I need so I made this with the excess.

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