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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mummy goes missing from British Museum!

That was the headline of most Sunday London papers one September Sunday in 1888. After the debris of that horrific episode in the life of the world's greatest city it was discovered that one of the British Museum's prized Egyptian mummies was missing. Yes ladies and gentlemen during the height of the zombie incident of 1888 when zombies roamed the Mall an Egyptian mummy disappeared from the British Museum. The puzzled curator never did discover what became of it. Rumors of it walking amongst the dead where of course discounted.

The figure is from the original Horrorclix line and stands 35mm from foot to eye. He is modeled walking in his tippy toes for some reason. He has a sort of crocodile mouth which I played down because its the only part of the figure I don't like. Not bad for 50 cents.

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