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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Got the Itch

I got the itch to build some down & dirty terrain for my Fiends in Jackboots Weird WW2 project. Now the Lunatic and I have a couple of concepts for our game which need to be reflected in any terrain pieces I make. First the world is a sort of nuclear winter due to Rasputin opening a gate to another world, second the war seesaws across the Ardennes for months turning the forest into a sort of post-apocalyptic landscape.So I did a quick internet search for some reference photos you can see them above. So I scrounged up some materials, I have a lot of terrain making materials squirreled away here. I though I had some hardboard around which is my preferred terrain basing material but it turns out I did not but I found a piece of cork board it will have to do as I have the itch. When I get the itch I tend to collect pieces and fit them together like a 3d puzzle I think of them as as 3d sketches. You can see my first piece above has cast rocks left over from an old project and cheap railroad bottle brush trees I got of of ebay many years ago. It will need Spackle of course but the build part is now done.
I'll be regularly posting on this blog every Wednesday and Saturday.

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