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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Snowy Forest Progress

All day yesterday into early this morning is snowed again! On the first day of spring no less! But today the temp rose to mid 40's F so I've opened the windows to spray paint the terrain pieces. Earlier this week I smoothed them out a bit with several layers of PVA (Elmer's Wood Glue) this not only gave the surface a smoother frozen look it gives the pieces some durability.
Note the tan cast caused by the wood glue. Next step was to mask of the trees so I could spray paint the pieces white.
Now they are a uniform white. Next will be to paint up the cast rocks on the pieces. I'm also considering a light grey wash to give then some depth.
I remembered Belgium and much of Germany are Catholic countries so I grabbed this resign Crux for $1.49 at the dollar store.
I still have some cheap railroad trees left and some Sage brush for barren trees to make more forest pieces. And as you can see I need a lot more to fill a 4'x4' table. The biggest problem will be creating the burnt out vehicles as purchasing kits for that will get expensive right quick.

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