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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

NO Hobby Work Today

Today was my only day off I'm back to the grind in the morning so no hobby stuff again this week. I did get the spend a few hours will old friends who heard of my current Star Wars mania. I was given this Micro Machine fan club special edition set. Now I have a 15mm Darth Vader and a tiny Star Destroyer.

I've been very busy of late with real life issues like staving off eviction and getting a better job so I have neglected to mention three new followers to the blog. They are; Another World Miniatures they make some nice figures check them out, John Wasterfors of Mars1889, British Legion who has a youtube channel (if you also have a blog let me know) and Kuan Hua Quah of Foureyed-Monster he is a rather impressive painter please check their blogs out they are rather interesting.

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