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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sir Christopher Lee R.I.P.

Sir Christopher Lee passed on today ending both an amazing professional career and severed the last leg of my personal triad of Gothic Horror.
Sir Christopher Lee's Hammer horror films in combination with both Vincent Price's Poe films
and the Warren Publishing horror comics (see here) created my deep love of Gothic Horror. Now that the last living link to this triad has pasted this particular combination will never inspire another young soul again. But perhaps The Zombie Incident of 1888 will one day corrupt one young impressionable soul in an abiding love of the Gothic Horrors now past.

Speaking of The Zombie Incident of 1888 I realize I have zombies, British troops, the Werewolf of London, the Gentleman from Norwich, The Mysterious Crown Agent Ms. P, Sir Michael and Her Majesty's Rejects awaiting completion. In addition I have these innocent victims to finish the Bicycling Barrister, Proff Prayt, Jim the Milk Lad, Billy the Baker's Boy, Buster the Hound and Sad Tom the Tinker buster's master. I'm working on the stories for two more characters not yet begun Fran the Fireman and Gilbert the Shakespeare Reciting Gorilla. So once Real Life permits gentle readers London of 1888 will get some new denizens.