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Monday, June 1, 2015

Trading For Star Wars

As you know I've decided to return to my roots and get into Star Wars miniatures in a big way. So I an looking to trade off the miniatures from long forgotten projects in exchange for some Star Wars swag. The very bendy WOTC pre-painted figures are acceptable. As are action Fleet toys of a compatible size. I will post up a permanent trading page on this blog as soon as I remember how.

INFINITY miniatures from Corvus Belli
Aragoto Senkaenbutai boxed set of 2 bikes, miniatures in box unassembled.
Japanese Sectorial Army box set (starter set) The Kemeita and Niga's swords are broken (a common issue with these miniatures), miniatures in box assembled and partially painted. This box also contains the 2nd Domaru Butai with boarding shotgun.

WARZONE MUTANT CHRONICLES These are the classic metal figures from the 90s.

TG1208 Warzone Dark Legion Legionnaires 
  TG9505PB Warzone Dark Legion Undead
TG9854PB Warzone Mishima Hatamoto Leader

You can contact me here through Google or on FaceBook if you are interested in trading.



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