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Monday, June 29, 2015

We Have a Winner!

Oh you had no idea there was a contest on did you? Well there was, the Annual Fiends in Waistcoats Super Secret Referring Site Contest! As long time readers will know I like to check my Blogger Stats for no useful reason. So in an effort to give this compulsive behavior a purpose not to mention reward those bloggers kind enough to and this blog to their blog roll I've created this contest. The 2015 participants are;
Monkeylite's Modlhafen
Nimrod's Too Many Knives 
Fran's The Angry Lurker 
TamsinP's Wargaming Girl 
Gordon's I Have Wrought My Simple Plan 
Legatus' Legatus Wargames Armies 
(For identification purposes in case of chance encounter)

And the winner is TasminP!!!!
Followed by Legatus who nearly eclipsed her with referring hits form a second blog Legatus Victoriana. Trust a lawyer to come up with a trick like that. Better luck next year Legatus.

 Well Tamsin that's up to you send me a note at ageofbloodiron at gmail dot com or through the dreaded FB with your desire. If its cars for car wars give me the general dimensions of the cars you have and the sort of chassis you are looking for and I'll source them out. If you are car wars fatigued check out Reaper Miniatures catalog and let me know what takes your fancy. I'm giving you access to American toys that my be hard to come by in London. Note Reaper has a 6mm not Battletech line
that may be of interest.  Finally I'm limiting this shopping spree to $40 have fun.

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