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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nazis in the Work Bench

Here is the whole ungainly mess all my assorted Germans stuck down on Galeforce 9 magnetic 25mm round bases. This is 4 packs of Artizan Designs late war German infantry in great coats, 1 pack of Renegade German infantry in great coats and a Westwind SOTR Nazi vampire. Apart form Frankie and a giant ape (gotta have a giant ape) this is all I'm working on for my evil Nazi faction.
I'm loving these late war Germans by Artizan.
I've never seen a Renegade figure before and they ended up being very chunky. But they have a certain charm they'll paint up easy. I'll just use them as fat American's who joined the Nazi party or some such thing.
Obligatory SOTR miniature.

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