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Friday, February 6, 2015

Is Empire of the Dead back from the Dead? Updated

With Andy Cooper's January 19th announcement that the Requiem Compendium is near completion soon to be available for KS backers then after that for general release, has this statement breathed new life into the game? The announcement can be found in full here. I've noticed that three of my intrepid readers Kaspar, Scott and Ste have begun playing EOTD again is this a flash in a pan or the beginning of something? Many people have taken an interest in my article "Empire of the Dead thoughts on the rules" and I intend to write another on playing with the basic rulebook.

I've noticed that I've acquired two new followers A.W. Kitchen of the blog tin soldiering on and Blaxkleric a lover of zombies and author of  Fantorical Blog. Welcome gentlemen!

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