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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Unique Opportunity Not to Be Missed!

A loose consortium of members of the wonderful forum Lead Adventure Forum (LAF) have banded together to produce a small series of Victorian super heroes and super villains.  The Man Who Laughs is their supervillain figure and the superhero figure is called the Gentleman Vigilante. These are not for commercial production there will be only one limited casting run so that the originators of this project can get the Victoriansque figures based on well know DC comicbook characters they have always wanted. They are currently compiling a list of forum members who want the figures so they can see how large the casting run will be. I'm getting the figures if you have ever had an interest even in passing of getting a Victorian version of these well know characters you need to get in on this. This is quite literally a once in a lifetime opportunity.  There is no company behind these figures if you want one you will need to go their thread on LAF here. Simply indicate your interest and follow the updates in the thread.
Ready for casting