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Monday, February 23, 2015

Scale Rambles Part 2

I posted my thoughts on an article in the Wargame Bloggers Quarterly which you can find here. I felt the need to speak more about scale in or more accurately lack of scale in wargaming. I spent years reading magazines like the one pictured above but I never got really bogged done on scale. That being said creating a 28mm figure collection can be a nightmare, 25mm, 28mm 30mm and 32mm what's a person to do? If mismatched sizes really bother you its very hard to collect figures from more than one company because far too many companies these days produce figures in wildly different heights & thicknesses. Now I'm bothered by this to a degree. Now I like to collect a base line of a particular size then add a few other sizes to that group to add variety.

My Victorian/Gothic Horror collection has true 28mm as the base line size being primarily made up of Westwind and warlord figures. I've added a few large Reaper and Horror Clix figures and some smaller Hasselfree figures.

My Modern Horror collection is now based on 32mm being made up of Zombicide, Hero/Horror Clix & Reaper along with some smaller old Ral Partha and Westwind figures.

I actually promised Millsy an article for WBQ on size diversity in skirmish games I am working (well thinking about it).  Once I finish painting and photographing them they will look fantastic but the rub (as everyone knows) is finding figures of different scales true, heroic, etc.. even from different manufactures that look good together.

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