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Monday, February 2, 2015


Yes Plasties I know I just made that up by they aren't shinny metal they are pre-painted plastic. I've been trying to hold down the lead mountain, I haven't purchased anything this year, but once I made that decision in the fall my plastic mountain took off! Yes looking back with hind sight that would be the obvious result of not buying more lead.

So back to the figures at hand these are three Horrorclix figures from the Freakshow line each figure cost me less than a dollar American. Based on earlier reader comments I'm going to included the foot to  eye measurements of every figure I include in the blog from now on I hope you find it helpful.
This zombie is 32mm foot to eye which makes him large for my collection of true 28mm figures but I'll be using him anyway I just can't help myself.
This figure, I'm calling him Sad Tom the Tinker, is 30mm foot to eye but he's bent over if he stood straight he would be 32mm.
This figure, I'll call him Fran the Fireman, is 30mm foot to eye and he is one of the best Victorian Zombie Survivor figures I've seen. As you can see he fits in pretty well with these Westwind true 28mm figures.

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