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Saturday, March 28, 2015


This is the Heroclix Rasputin he is 32mm foot to eye.
This is Rasputin next to an Artizan German trooper.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


 Image copy write Darkhorse Comis & Mike Mignola
As you may recall I mention that this weird world war 2 project Fiends in Jackboots would contain elements of Mike Mignola's Hellboy. The main Mignola characters in my Nazi group will be the The Kriegaffe a series of mentally and physically enhanced apes created by Nazi scientist Herman von Klempt an old school chum of Karl Ruprecht Kroenen the clockwork assassin in the first Hellboy movie. The Kriegaffe are employed by the Nazi to sow terror late in the war.
This figure is my Kriegaffe he is painting up very nicely but all Kriegaffe have mechanical hands. I cut away the sculpted fur from the figure's hands & wrist now I need to use putty to give the hands a more mechanical look. Of course this means I'll have to create a figure of Herman von Klempt too.
 Image copy write Darkhorse Comis & Mike Mignola

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Snowy Forest Progress

All day yesterday into early this morning is snowed again! On the first day of spring no less! But today the temp rose to mid 40's F so I've opened the windows to spray paint the terrain pieces. Earlier this week I smoothed them out a bit with several layers of PVA (Elmer's Wood Glue) this not only gave the surface a smoother frozen look it gives the pieces some durability.
Note the tan cast caused by the wood glue. Next step was to mask of the trees so I could spray paint the pieces white.
Now they are a uniform white. Next will be to paint up the cast rocks on the pieces. I'm also considering a light grey wash to give then some depth.
I remembered Belgium and much of Germany are Catholic countries so I grabbed this resign Crux for $1.49 at the dollar store.
I still have some cheap railroad trees left and some Sage brush for barren trees to make more forest pieces. And as you can see I need a lot more to fill a 4'x4' table. The biggest problem will be creating the burnt out vehicles as purchasing kits for that will get expensive right quick.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Help Wanted

The funny thing about starting a new period or project is digging up all the bits & bobs you squirreled away. I got this Corgi 2003 special Starkbucks Christmas toy for $1 at a garage sale a couple of years ago. It's 1/56th scale and perfect for 28mm its also a 1940's style truck. I have one big problem there are 7 wheels (including the spare) but I have only 2 of the rubber tires. I need to get a hold of at least 4 more rubber tires to get this truck back in commission does anyone have any idea where I could get some?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Forest Pieces Progress

Here are the 3 forest terrain pieces I started this week, the hill bit is missing its trees they are not glued on yet. I covered over the foam and cork with sculptamold a craft material used in children's art classes. I remember using it in art class when I was a kid which might be the reason why I bought a bag of this stuff years ago. I was looking for a tub of plastic wood to coat the pieces and found this bag instead.
Many bloggers are dealing with their lead pile in this new year I have one of those but I have a different issue I have all sorts of materials for terrain making literally boxes of the stuff I haven't used. So I'm trying to turn this stockpile of art supplies and just plain junk into terrain. Everything used in the above pieces, the cork, railroad trees, blue foam and the sculptamold have been collecting dust in my flat for at least 4 years!
Oh I mixed more sculptamold then I need so I made this with the excess.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Got the Itch

I got the itch to build some down & dirty terrain for my Fiends in Jackboots Weird WW2 project. Now the Lunatic and I have a couple of concepts for our game which need to be reflected in any terrain pieces I make. First the world is a sort of nuclear winter due to Rasputin opening a gate to another world, second the war seesaws across the Ardennes for months turning the forest into a sort of post-apocalyptic landscape.So I did a quick internet search for some reference photos you can see them above. So I scrounged up some materials, I have a lot of terrain making materials squirreled away here. I though I had some hardboard around which is my preferred terrain basing material but it turns out I did not but I found a piece of cork board it will have to do as I have the itch. When I get the itch I tend to collect pieces and fit them together like a 3d puzzle I think of them as as 3d sketches. You can see my first piece above has cast rocks left over from an old project and cheap railroad bottle brush trees I got of of ebay many years ago. It will need Spackle of course but the build part is now done.
I'll be regularly posting on this blog every Wednesday and Saturday.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mummy goes missing from British Museum!

That was the headline of most Sunday London papers one September Sunday in 1888. After the debris of that horrific episode in the life of the world's greatest city it was discovered that one of the British Museum's prized Egyptian mummies was missing. Yes ladies and gentlemen during the height of the zombie incident of 1888 when zombies roamed the Mall an Egyptian mummy disappeared from the British Museum. The puzzled curator never did discover what became of it. Rumors of it walking amongst the dead where of course discounted.

The figure is from the original Horrorclix line and stands 35mm from foot to eye. He is modeled walking in his tippy toes for some reason. He has a sort of crocodile mouth which I played down because its the only part of the figure I don't like. Not bad for 50 cents.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

More Snow... But Some Progress

Yup that's the view out my apartment window right now yes another snow storm! We've had so many in the month of February is been ridiculous. But the temp reached 40F for a very short time Monday so I primed a few miniatures in a rush. And yesterday I began to paint.
The Monsterpocalypse figure was made of some sort of vinyl so the conversion work I did on his hands with a hobby knife will need some milliput.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

No Priming Today

 Outside my apartment.
Its snowing again today so no priming I'm sorry to say. I so wanted to get started on my giant ape today but no luck. So I put my snow boots on and trekked over to the Lunatic's to see what was up with him. He just got an order of Heroclix figures in he feels superheroes are an important part of Weird WW2 gaming. I took some hasy pic with my phone while he was unpacking them.
War time Captain America with German Luger. 
Lobster Johnson of Hellboy fame.
Classic Red Skull
Movie Red Skull
The Lunatic is using Dust Tactics figures to create his "Joes" army the great thing about that is the Heroclix figures are 32mm just like the dust tactics figures as you can see from the following image.
 Lobster Johnson ready to lead US armored troopers.
And what do you know he got a few for me too. A villain from the Danger Girl comic which I've never read call Major Maxim and Hellboy's nemesis Rasputin!
Major Maxim 
Ain't he a pistol? And he's very large as you can see next to this Dust trooper. Now I have a Nazi robot character sweet!
Oh I've managed to suck another follower into the madness here at Fiends in Waistcoats please welcome Jimmy Fernandes of the very fine blog Middle Earth Minis. I've been following his journey painting all the GW LOTR releases for some time now.